Tired of reusing that same old password all over the web? Spice it up and get a real strong password! Coming in seven sizes from XXS to our favorite XXL.

Enlarge Your Password!

Come back each time you need to access this pesky service that requires yet another password. Tell your story in the very same way (including case and punctuation) and you will get the exact same password again.

Tell Your Story!


to feel warm and fuzzy inside.

?” I fear there might be no answer.

Get Your Password


The passwords above are generated based on your inputs and updated as you type. You may fill in as little or as much information as you wish. The more specific you get, the strongest the generated passwords will be, because it is not all about size you know.

Passwords starting at size S rank from Strong to Very Strong in online password strength checkers. S & M sizes are compatible with most services and still secured enough for sensitive information. Longer passwords will be even harder to break but may not be allowed by all services.

XS & XXS sizes present weak passwords, better than nothing when there is no alternative.

You may find useful to double-click the password of your choice to select it in full, and copy it using Ctrl+C or drag and drop it to the password field of the service that you want to access.

For increased security, the story is emptied when the page loads and when the page is closed, as well as two and a half minutes after the window is reduced, hidden or otherwise left in the background.

You can clear the story and generated passwords at any time by refreshing the page (using the F5 key).


Enlarge Your Password is an open source project hosted on GitHub.

This is a very simple web app, designed for everyday use. The goal is to generate a strong password to access a web site by filling in a form with simple yet unique information. All inputs are optional and the password is generated on the fly, which lets the user choose the level of details to get more or less security.

The same password is generated consistently for the same inputs. Seven sizes of passwords are available, corresponding to different hash algorithms and encodings: XXS (CRC32/truncated), XS (CRC32/HEX,CRC8/HEX), S (MD5/ASCII85), M (MD5/HEX), L (SHA-1/HEX), XL (SHA-256/HEX), and XXL (SHA-512/HEX).